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FAQs - Clear Your Doubts
  • Do I need to have a new set of wiring or switchboards?

    No. Neither you need to have a new switchboard, nor you need to make any changes to your existing wiring system. ANTAR has been designed to fit into any switching platform without any additional featuring.

  • How many ANTAR devices would be required to get my house completely automated?

    That depends on how many rooms you have. To get this straight, one ANTAR device in each room would give you a complete grip on your house. If you have a 3bhk flat- 3 for 3 bedrooms, one for the hall and one device in the kitchen would give you total automation of your house.

  • That means I can have a number of these smart devices simultaneously?

    Yes, absolutely! If you are worried about the interface and speculating any confusion, be assured that there would be no such problem. Every device works independently.

  • Is it going to impact the control over devices having multiple smart switches connected to my Wi-Fi router?

    No, it will have no impact on the devices, neither the router. These switches are enabled with mesh networking, and they maintain the uniformity while in connection.

  • If I have an inverter already installed, would that be an issue?

    ANTAR products are not only designed to fit in on every kind of switchboards but also made compatible with all kinds of power sources. Therefore, having an inverter at home is no trouble at all.

  • Where can I access ANTAR?

    Anywhere in the world- as long as your phone and the switches at home are connected to the internet. Once you have the mobile application on your phone, you are never far from the switches of your appliances. While at home, you do not even need internet!

  • What happens to the original switchboards after installing ANTAR?

    ANTAR just amplifies your conveniences but does not reduce any existing working feature of any equipment or your switchboard. If you want to physically turn off or on the switches, you could still do after having ANTAR.

  • Is it possible to manage appliances like Geysers and Motors through the App?

    Absolutely. You can put heavy load devices to your control list using 1X pro

  • Is the application compatible with my phone?

    If your phone runs on an Android 4.4 and above

  • How do timers work in the ANTAR App?

    With a timer, you can preset the time to turn on and off your appliances.

  • Is it possible to set the timer while I am not home? Does it work real-time?

    Yes, without any hassle! Once you have the app on your phone, and it is connected to the internet, you are fully in charge of every connected device at home. Whatever command you give to your app it reflects on the devices in real time.

  • How secure is your application?

    It is as secure as one could desire. The app is protected by a OAuth token based authentication and authorization . Currently the authorization and login happens through Amazon.

  • Are the products warranted against manufacturing defects?

    We retest our products before shipping to make sure that you get a faultless experience. Since we want this experience to last long for you, we offer 1-year manufacturer warranty on every item!

  • Is any maintenance charge levied for the system?

    During the warranty period, you are provided with free premium support and warranty. For the next two years, which are the third and the fourth year, the warranty can be extended by an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) of 15%. Beyond that period, it could be retained by a 19% AMC.

  • Is it possible to manage appliances through IR?

    Not yet, but not very far from now. We are working on new products that can put heavy load devices to your control list. Keep visiting our website to be the first to buy when these are available!

  • How do I control the appliances through voice commands?

    You can control appliances using Amazon echo range of devices. Simply download and enable the skill from and enjoy the voice functionality.

  • Do you support Smart Locks and Curtain Motors?

    Yes. We have custom built modules for Yale range of Smart locks and Somfy AC curtain motors. You can control both the third party appliances from ANTAR App.

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