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Homes/Offices : Comfort & Convenience

ANTAR SMART HOMES range of automation switches works with a range of different smart devices, and transform your home or office for greater comfort and unmatched convenience. Transform your home into a truly smart one- without rewiring.With our technology, luxury and savings come hand in hand!

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Real Estate Projects : Improve Sales

Don’t entertain uncertainty by targeting customers with traditional promotional offers. Add smart features to the properties with ANTAR SMART HOMES’ products, and pull buyers with magnetic smart homes. Whether you are in the construction phase or hand over phase - we have solutions for both!

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Hotels : Pamper your Guests

In the era where customer reviews redefined your business, let your pampered guests have something “great”to write about you. Provide them with a smart accommodation where our products enable them to control the room appliances with their voice commands, including unlocking doors!

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